Services - Acres 2 Mow

Acres 2 Mow is committed to providing a service, that will give your property a superior level of presentation.

What We Offer

Grounds Maintenance of Large Lawns & Acreages, Commercial Properties & Residential Estates

Weed & Bindi Spraying of Small Yards to Large Acreages

Slashing Clearing Overgrown Vacant Blocks & Houses

Winter Rubbish Removals & Yard Clean-ups

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Acreage grounds maintenance and servicing.

Lawns & Maintenance

Lawn mowing & Garden Maintenance service.

Commercial Grounds

Commercial and business grounds maintenance and keeping.


We do all of your gardening services and maintenance.

Lawn Mowing & Cutting

Lawn mowing and grass cutting services. From Residential Gardens to Commercial and Vacant lots.

Weed Control

We specialise in weed removal and control for both residential and commercial lots to keep the weeds at bay.

Overgrown Blocks

We specialise in maintenance of overgrown blocks and commercial land.

General Maintenance

Our staff can perform general maintenance tasks, however if it is beyond our capabilities we will recommended alternative contractors.

Slashing for Residential & Commercial Properties

We take care of all your General Maintenance needs, slashing of residential or commercial land or properties is just another one of our services.

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